How It Works

Design and print the perfect model in minutes. Free. No software to install.

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Start with a MasterModel

A MasterModel is a script that can generate 3d models of a specific type. MasterModels are extremely flexible, and are created by authors with some 3d experience. You can find MasterModels by searching our catalog, or by using a link a friend has shared.

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Each MasterModel has a number of inputs, called 'parameters', that you can control to create the output you want. Using the web-based interface, you can preview the 3d design as you change the parameters to suit your needs. You don't need to know anything about 3d CAD or CAD software to make these adjustments-- the interface is fast and easy.

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Once you are happy with your design, it time to print it. With one click, you can send your design to one of our 3d printing partners, or download it locally to print yourself. We support tons of formats, including industry-standard STL, as well as industry-leading AMF and STEP for higher quality prints.

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Hack and Share

MasterModels are plain-text scripts that are easy to hack and share. See a model you like? Snag the source, make a copy, and add your own features! Models can shared using a simple link. Parametric Parts MasterModels are truly 3d at web scale.

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Get Started

Why not get started? Signup is easy and free-- there are no forms to fill out or fees to pay. Free accounts come with plenty of downloads per month. If you are experienced with 3d, a free account is all you need to create your own MasterModels. Ready to Sign up? Want to learn more? Have a look at our Features list